Divisional Police Officer (DPO) breaks woman’s head in Lagos

Nigeria Police
Nigeria Police

The Divisional Police Officer (DPO) in Charge of Agboju Police Station, Lagos State, has alleged smashed a woman’s head with a baton. The victim, Rose, explained that policemen chased some suspects into the compound where she lives and without any reason, pounced on her and started beating her. Ms. Pauline Folalu, who had taken the gauntlet on behalf of the victim, said that nothing would satisfy Rose than that justice taking its course.

Folalu recounted: “On that fateful day, Rose was at home, cooking. She stepped out to pour water into the gutter, when she saw some people and policemen running towards the compound. She was not sure what was happening, but scared, she attempted to run back into her apartment.

The policemen suddenly moved on her; they held and started beating her. The DPO of Agboju Police Station was with the policemen. It was the DPO that smashed her on the head with a police baton. She started bleeding.”

Folalu further said: “We later learnt that the policemen were pursuing a male suspect. My question is this; how does Rose, a female, resemble the fleeing male suspect?” According to her, Rose was later taken to the hospital, and the police paid N16, 000 for her treatment.

“The DPO came back to demand for the N16, 000, he paid for the treatment,” said Folalu. “As I’m talking to you, she has paid him back the money.” Folalu disclosed that since the incident, Rose had been in pains and had not been able to sleep. She had also lost lot of blood.

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“Rose is just a young lady in her home and policemen from Agboju came into her home and assaulted her,” Folalu said. The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, (PPRO) ASP Olarinde Famous- Cole, who confirmed the incident, noted that Folalu’s claims were not precisely true. Famous-Cole said that the DPO in question, received a distressed call that cultists had invaded Satellite Town.

He quickly rallied his men and moved in, leading to the arrest of 16 suspects. Famous-Cole said: “The lady’s (Rose) young brother was among the suspected cultists arrested by the DPO.

The lady tried to disrupt police operations. I learnt that the woman held one of the policemen’s uniform and engaged him in a physical combat until the DPO came to recuse the policeman. When the DPO got there, the woman was bleeding. He took the lady for treatment and paid. After the treatment, the lady was taken to the station to write a statement.

The woman sent for her a relative, who is a naval officer. When the naval officer came to the station and heard what happened, he refunded the DPO his money and apologised on behalf of the woman.”

The PPRO said that as senior officer, the DPO couldn’t have carried a baton; rather, he has an official pistol assigned to him. Famous-Cole added that the lady’s young brother was still in police custody for proper investigations.

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